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Costa Rica Las Lajas Perla Negra


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COUNTRY: Costa Rica
REGION: Sabanilla de Alejuela, Central Valley
FARM: Sabana Redonda
PROCESS: Natural
ELEVATION: 1450-1600 M
CUPPING NOTES: Concord Grape, Red Wine, Sugary Sweet

This might be the best coffee we've tasted in the last few years.  Its a coffee so good you'll tell your grand kids about it. From the world renown Las Lajas micro mill this special lot of coffee uses a Kenyan SL-28 variety processed in a technique they call perla negra natural where the coffee cherries dry directly in the sun for ten days, rotating constantly, then are transferred to bags for two to three days before being moved to raised beds to finish drying.   The resulting cup is unlike anything you've probably tasted.  One of the most unique cup profiles you will find in a coffee.  Very limited quantity available, don't sleep on this one.
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