Limited Release - Colombia Top Lot Box Set
Limited Release - Colombia Top Lot Box Set
Limited Release - Colombia Top Lot Box Set

Limited Release - Colombia Top Lot Box Set

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For this extremely limited release, we are offering two starkly contrasting processing styles for you to compare and enjoy.  One coffee, created by a man known as "El Alquemista," is a Pink Bourbon variety co-fermented with galaxy hops to give the coffee an extremely wild and some would say unprecedented flavor profile.  The other coffee, a Gesha variety, was meticulously processed using the more traditional washed method.  This coffee offers a pristine, delicate citric and floral cup profile.  These coffees arrived to us together and we decided they would make a fun and exciting tasting set so will only be releasing them as a pair.  This will be for two twelve ounce bags of whole bean coffee, one of each coffee.  We apologize in advance as we know this is going to sell out very quickly but we promise to do more similar pairings in the future.


Colombia La Terraza Gesha 

COUNTRY: Colombia
REGION: La Argentina, Huila
FARM: La Terraza Estate
ELEVATION: 1850-1950 M
CUPPING NOTES: Jasmine, Lemon, Apricot
    This is a traditional washed Gesha cultivar coffee from Huila, Colombia, produced by Juliana Guevara and Wbeimar Lasso on their estate, La Terraza.  The flavor profile is floral and sweet, with notes of apricot, jasmine and lemon.  La Terraza grows the most sought after coffee varieties in Colombia: Pink Bourbon, Caturra, Chiroso and Gesha cultivars.  Coffee cherries are picked at peak ripeness, de-pulped, fermented 36-48 hours, and dried – mostly in the shade – for 20-30 days.  The resulting cup has the pristine citric and floral notes present in the best Gesha coffees with a depth and sweetness brought to it from the terrior of southern Colombia.  It’s a delicious and exquisite cup that will leave you wanting more upon your final sip.

Colombia Edwin Noreno Galaxy Hops Pink Bourbon

COUNTRY: Colombia
REGION: Quindio
FARM: Finca Campo Hermoso
VARIETY: Pink Bourbon
PROCESS: Triple Fermented, Co fermented w/ galaxy hops
CUPPING NOTES: Hops, Grapefruit, Ginger

     Finca Campo Hermoso is a 15-hectare farm outside of Circasia, only a few kilometers north of Quindío’s capital city Armenia. Its owner, Edwin Noreña, is an agro-industrial engineer by trade with graduate-level studies in biotechnology. Edwin is a well-connected and highly aspirational coffee producer who focuses on cultivating very specific varieties paired with very specific processing methods designed to express the most surprising, memorable, and delicious coffees possible within his resources.
Edwin’s processing for this particular lot involves a three-step fermentation, followed by raised bed drying. The first is a kind of pre-fermentation in cherry, just after picking, and lasts 32 hours, allowing the fruit to soften and the sugars to peak. The fermented cherry is then de-pulped and the parchment is fermented in an open tank for another 32 hours. Once the parchment fermentation is complete, the parchment is moved to an anaerobic (oxygen deprived) tank where it is combined with the sticky, sugary runoff from the first whole cherry fermentation (a process known as “back slopping”), as well as galaxy hops, and ferments again for 32 hours in this final environment. Once all fermentations are complete the coffee is sun-dried on raised beds for 10-15 days. The fully dried coffee is conditioned for 8 days in a warehouse, allowing for humidity to stabilize inside the seeds, and then moved into GrainPro bags for long-term storage, where it is cupped numerous times over the next few weeks for quality analysis.
This cup is a wild ride from the second you open the bag and grind it until long after your final sip.  It has fruity notes, winey notes, beery notes and everything in between.  You will see why co-fermentation is such a big topic in the industry right now, generally with a love it or hate it reputation.  We generally stay away from co-fermented coffees, but this one was just the right kind of crazy for us to bring in and share with everyone.

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