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Panama Boquete Sonia Amoruso Gesha


Product image 1Panama Boquete Sonia Amoruso Gesha
Product image 2Panama Boquete Sonia Amoruso Gesha

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REGION: Boquete
FARM: Finca Lerida
ELEVATION: 1600-2000 M
CUPPING NOTES: Jasmine, Peach, Honey


This is a traditional washed Gesha variety coffee from Boquete, Panama. Produced by Sonia Amoruso on Finca Lerida. With more than just florality to offer, this coffee has a lively, balanced acidity. Sugary sweet, effortlessly clean, and nuanced, this coffee has just about everything you’d hope for from a washed Gesha. The flavor profile is complex, with expressive jasmine, citrus blossom, and a myriad of other floral flavors and fragrances. It is an elegant and exceptional example of this classic variety. Finca Lerida, a 900-acre estate in the famed Boquete growing region nestled under the ecological wonderland of Volcán Barú, where over 550 species of birds make their home. Barú itself is an active stratovolcano that is Panama’s highest peak and the centerpiece of a 35,000 acre national park. In this area, tucked into the Continental Divide, Pacific and Caribbean winds alternate at different times of the year creating cooler temperatures, overlapping rainy periods, and limited dry months. The result is an extremely lush and diverse microclimate where coffee—along with a number of tropical fruits—tend to thrive. Sonia works with 30 year-round employees who meticulously pick ripe cherry during the harvest. Lerida’s central wet mill is as old as the farm itself! Where fresh-picked cherries are still sorted for under-ripes and damages, using the siphon invented by the original owner in the 1920s. Then the coffee is de-pulped, fermented, washed, and carefully dried on covered patios and raised bed. Due to the limited amount of available stock, we will be selling the Panama Gesha in ½ LB Georgio’s Specialty Tins only. To make sure that we don't sell more than we have it will only be listed as whole bean, but if you do want it ground just include a note on your checkout or send us am email immediately after placing the order and we will grind it for you as needed.

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