Frevo NYC: A Michelin-Starred Culinary Marvel Meets the World-Class Coffee of Georgio's Coffee Roasters

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In the heart of New York City lies a hidden gem that redefines the essence of fine dining – Frevo. Tucked behind an art gallery in Greenwich Village, this exclusive 16-seat counter presents a theater of culinary excellence, orchestrated by Brazilian chef Franco Sampogna and Portuguese restaurateur Bernardo Silva. 

Awarded a Michelin star in 2022, Frevo's allure is not just in its discrete location or its French-inspired, seasonally-evolving tasting menu but in the complete experience it offers, a significant part of which includes the coffee served at the end of the meal. This year, we are happy to see that they have maintained their Michelin star.

This honor is especially gratifying to Georgio's Coffee Roasters as we are a small part of the overall experience. At Frevo NYC, every course is a revelation, crafted with precision and artistry. The ambiance, a blend of sophistication and intimacy, is complemented by the rotating art exhibits, making each visit a unique experience. 

As the meal progresses towards its climax, the coffee from Georgio's Coffee Roasters is introduced, acting as a perfect ending to a masterful meal. The rich, nuanced flavors of the coffee, reflecting the care and expertise behind its production, enhance the overall gastronomic journey.

Georgio’s has been producing elite coffee for over 35 years, with a deep commitment to sustainability and direct trade. Our teams extensive travels to coffee-producing countries have enabled us to build relationships with farmers and understand the intricacies of coffee production. This dedication is palpable in every cup served, making Georgio's Coffee Roasters a perfect part of Frevo's culinary journey.

The partnership between Frevo and Georgio's Coffee Roasters exemplifies a synergy that goes beyond business. It's a shared philosophy of excellence, sustainability, and direct engagement with the source. For patrons at Frevo NYC, the experience is not just about enjoying a Michelin-starred meal; it's about being part of a story that spans from each and every farm and ingredient to the discreet dining counter in New York City. 

It's an elite experience that celebrates the best in culinary world, and Georgios is honored to be part of creating a memorable journey that lingers long after the last sip and bite.