Our Story

Lydia and Georgio have visited six coffee producing countries and sixty plus farms. We have been roasting coffee for over 20 years, and have been in the coffee business for thirty five years. We have cupped with the best coffee tasters from Colombia, Brazil, El Salvador and East Africa as well as the U.S.
We are fully committed to complete sustainable coffee practices in all the coffees we roast and brew. Whether it be one of several trips to Panama, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, or the Dominican Republic, we have developed close relationships with the farmers, pickers and the plight they face in bringing you the world's finest single origins, fresh roasted, fairly and directly traded. We have had the pleasure of hosting in store cuppings with producers from Central and South America, Africa and Asia.
Our goal is to source the worlds finest coffee,  and reward the farmers for their efforts. We have offered over twenty Cup of Excellence Farms, dozens of Direct Trade Micro-lots, and continue our search for the Ultimate Cup. We own and have roasted on quite a few machines and feel our older model Probat is the finest.
Our retail shop features Hario pour-overs, halogen siphons, cold brew towers, espresso drinks, and of course, coffee roasting!
Our photographs have adorned coffee magazine covers. We are fortunate. We are also directly connected with our daughter, Carolina, in Colombia with two non-profit organizations; one builds housing for displaced farmers, the other helps farmers diversify their incomes and also focus on producing better coffees for increased returns for their effort. We urge you to try one of these fresh roasted single origins or blends, and at the same time help preserve the farms and families from which they originate.