Pour Over Guide:

Hario V60

What you'll need:

22 Grams Coffee
Fresh, filtered water
Paper Filter
V60 Dripper

Step 1

Fill kettle with fresh filtered water and heat to 205°F or just off boil.

Step 2

Add filter to brewer. Place on cup or carafe and rinse with hot water.

Step 3

Empty rinse water, place brewer and carafe on scale and tare to "0." Add 22 grams of freshly ground coffee and tare scale back to "0."

Step 4

Start timer then pour 60 grams of water in a slow concentric circle from the inside out to saturate all of the grounds, avoiding the walls of the brewer.

Step 5

Wait 30 seconds then pour again in concentric circles up to 160 grams total.

Step 6

Wait 15 seconds then pour again up to a total of 260 grams

Step 7

Wait 15 seconds then make your final pour for a total of 360 grams of water. Allow the brew to fully drain through the coffee grounds.

Step 8

The coffee should finish dripping between 2:30 and 3:00. Carefully remove the dripper, discard the grinds and serve your coffee.

Step 9

Bonus tip: Play around with ratio and grind until you get it just how you like it.